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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


As technology advances, new forms of media publishing will emerge. New media like online newspapers, YouTube and Twitter have brought online communication and information sharing to a new level.


YouTube has become one of the most powerful new forms of media publishing. YouTube has made it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to post a video to a worldwide audience of billions within minutes. One of the best contributions YouTube has made is that it allows freedom of expression with no restrictions. In 2008, YouTube was awarded George Foster Peabody Award, one of the highest accolades in the broadcasting field and was cited for being "a 'Speakers' Corner' that both embodies and promotes democracy.” (Holston, 2008)


Twitter is the newest form of moblogging that allows it’s users to send information updates called ‘tweets’ via the Internet to be received by millions of readers within seconds.  In May 2009, NASA astronaut Mike Massimino used Twitter to send updates during the Hubble Space Telescope repair mission. (Malik, 2009) This illustrates Twitter’s significant impact in the field of information sharing by breaking news updates even faster than traditional media outlets.

Source: tvantara

The rise of alternative media in the form of online newspapers has made its presence felt especially here in Malaysia with sites like Malaysiakini, Aliran, The Nut Graph and The Malaysian Insider. Online newspapers have provided Malaysian media consumers an alternative view to the government regulated content in mainstream newspapers. As of today, online newspapers like Malaysiakini have an estimated readership of over over 10,000 viewers. (, 2009) Alexa ranks Malaysiakini No. 18 in Malaysia’s Top 100 Websites, overtaking Berita Harian Online and Utusan Online. (Alexa, 2009)

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