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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Everyone has a different reason for blogging. This fact is what contributes to so many different types of blogs. Blogs can be classified by:

1. Types of media
  • Photoblogs- Blogs that focus more on publishing photos rather than text (Levine, 2004)

  • Vlogs- A form of blogging presented through video (New England Film, 2006)

Example: nuttymadam3575
  • Linklogs- Blogs that features one hyperlink of anything the blogger found interesting per entry (RECAP, 2009)

  • Sketchlogs- Blogs which contents are primarily artwork or drawings by the blogger

2. Subject matter
  • Political blogs

 Example: Lim Kit Siang
  • Entertainment blogs

Example: Am I Right?
  • Gossip blogs

Example: Perez Hilton

I feel that the best method of classifying blogs is by the subject matter approach. The distinguishing characteristic of subject matter blogs is that they focus on a specific genre and topic. This makes it easier for search engines to list them because it is clear what the blogs are about. It also makes it easier for bloggers to earn money because they can narrow down the advertisements to products and services directly related to the genre of their blog. (Hewitt, 2007)

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